The debut EP from Milton Keynes quintet GET YOUR HEAD STRAIGHT hit my inbox last week and I've played the hell out of it. 'Contrast' is a 6 track alt rock collection, mixing pop punk with a smidgeon of grunge and a spoonful of hard rock, ideal for fans of Green Day and You, Me At Six, and it is out now.


'Excuses'  opens with edgy riffs and the guitars buoy the song forward alongside some pretty brutal drums. A definite earworm and catchy as hell. This is huge fun.


'Swansea' is a grungy-pop-punk hybrid, irascible with heavy drums, pummelling beat and a catchy melodic vocal which is a little overshadowed by the depth of the music for me. If the vocals were a touch louder in the mix, this would be a really great track.


'Two Sided' is bouncy and fun, a genuine teen angst pop rock song, as is 'Posture', the latter being my preferred of the two for its irrepressible energy and cerebral melody.


'Medusa' starts with a gentle intro with the ethereal tinkle of keys, building in vitality and pace, an edge of melancholy delivered with attitude and panache. It's effortless and addictive, demonstrating how good the vocals really are. The drums pound away and I love the reverb on the guitars, along with the lush vocals making me lose myself for a moment.


The last track, 'Consider', is my track of the EP with lovely guitar work, constantly switching things up and maintaining my interest. The lull at around 2 minutes is my favourite part, followed by some serious primal thrash shouting.


This has got to be a band to watch out for and their debut is impressive in quality and content. Check them out!


Band Members

Tyler - Vocals 

Daryl - Drums

Ross - Lead

John - Rhythm

Jamie - Bass