SINNER feat. Ronnie Romero - Fiesta y Copas (Single)



SINNER released their new single 'Fiesta Y Copas' on 5th July, their first track from new album 'Santa Muerte' which is due for release 13th September on AFM Records.

German heavy metal group SINNER have been on the scene for over 35 years, headed up by legend, Mat Sinner. The new album, ‘Santa Muerte’, is a proper who’s who of heavy rock stars: Ricky Warwick (Thin Lizzy, Black Star Riders); Swedish guitarist/co-songwriter Magnus Karlsson (Primal Fear, Allen/Lande) on ‘Death Letter’ and background vocalist Sascha Krebs and Giorgia Colleluori of Eternal Idol and of course, Ronnie Romero of Richie Blackmore’s Rainbow


‘Fiesta y Copas’ will transport you back to the 80’s era for proper classic rock, a formula that clearly works for SINNER. The song invites you to party and have a few drinks (that would be the translation of ‘Fiesta y Copas’) and he does that with his throaty, gruff vocals, lyrics you can sing to seriously groovy guitar riffs throughout from Naumann and Schlopp. 

Kullmann brings in the amazing vocals of Ronnie Romero, (looking hot and sounding hot), which brings an edginess to this melodic rock track and for me that’s what sealed the deal.There is no point dropping a track featuring a renowned artist if there isn’t something special for us to hear, now is there? 


‘Fiesta y Copas’ is song that you are meant to sing to because it’s not all doom and gloom – let’s have a drink and party and who can argue with that?  This is entertainment at its best and I’m looking forward to hearing the rest of the album to be honest. 


Sinner are:
Mat Sinner - Bass & Vocals

Giorgia Colleluori - Vocals

Tom Naumann and Alex Scholpp –Guitars

Markus Kullmann - Drums

Album "Santa Muerte" out 13th September 2019
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