SCARLET REBELS - Show Your Colours (Album)



Welsh hard rockers SCARLET REBELS have every right to be very pleased with themselves right now. The five-piece are set to grab the rock world by the balls with their debut album ‘Show Your Colours’, out 9th August 2019 via ROAR! Rock of Angels Records, and lead single, ‘No One Else To Blame’ is currently sitting pretty in the #1 spot on both the Amazon Rock and Hard Rock & Metal Charts.

Originally a trio, Wayne Doyle (vocals/guitar), Wayne ‘Pricey’ Esmonde (bass) and Gary Doyle (drums) have risen from the ashes of their old moniker, V0iD, with the addition of Chris Jones on lead guitar and Josh Townshend on second guitar/keyboard last year, and since then the band have gone from strength to strength. Starting this year in fine form by winning a slot on next year’s Main Stage at Giants of Rock, SCARLET REBELS have since been touring relentlessly up and down the length and breadth of the country, gaining new fans at every stop.

This first release since the band’s rebirth begins in blistering fashion with ‘No One Else To Blame’, the single that has ignited flames all around the rock world. The dancing riff that opens the song and continues throughout is one that won’t quit whirling round inside my head, along with the hooky chorus and slamming drum beats. The single is receiving extensive airplay on Planet Rock and Kerrang! and not without good reason. Simply put, it’s a finely calibrated track that wows.

What follows is an album that clearly demonstrates what SCARLET REBELS have, and that is talent. Their ability to craft such fine rock songs is distinct throughout the fourteen tracks on offer (two are bonus streaming tracks only). Their versatility shines through on the Southern influenced ‘Part Of Me’. The guitars in this are fantastic, bracing licks and monster riffs galore, and awesome pounding drums too! I can almost picture it as a soundtrack to a ‘Young Guns’ type of film (yes, I grew up in the ’80s!).

‘Heal’ is a real standout song for me. It’s such a slowly building song that explodes in the chorus with killer riffs, booming bass and thrashing drums and cymbals, plus backing vocals that are dynamite in my earphones. The way the instrumentation and vocals slowly build and the way they all sound so intense together is just so powerful! One of the best songs I have heard this year!

With lyrics on the subject of mental health and with beautifully slow building verses and crashing choruses, ‘Blinded By The Pain’ is breathtaking. Wayne’s voice takes on a hypnotic quality that seems to transport me to another place. ‘Can I Open My Eyes’ is a hooky, riff-driven track with brooding lyrics delivered in an upbeat style. It’s the type of energetic, vivid song that will have you dancing round your living room like you simply don’t give a fuck! The beautiful ‘Returning Light’ is an emotive ballad on the subject of loss. The emotionally-rich tones of Wayne’s voice in this are magnificent, and the tones of the guitars are stunning.

‘Show Your Colours’ is an album packed full of melodic, invigorating and emotive rock tunes that lift the senses, and illustrate the accomplished musicianship of the band. From the ballsy and political opener that punches you in the face, to the slowly building, powerful ‘Heal’, there is something for every rocker here. No wonder these guys are pulling crowds and building on their solid reputation as incredible songwriters and performers.

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Track Listing:-

01. No One Else To Blame

02. You Take My Breath Away

03. Head’s In The Ground

04. Part Of Me

05. Heal

06. Let Your Love Go

07. Nothing To Say

08. Save Me

09. Blinded By The Pain

10. Shattered Dreams

11. Can I Open My Eyes

12. Returning Light

13. Losing End (streaming only)

14. Radio Song (streaming only)


Scarlet Rebels are:-

Wayne Doyle - vocals/guitar

Chris Jones - lead guitar

Josh Townshend - guitar

Wayne ‘Pricey’ Esmonde - bass

Gary Doyle - drums

Live dates:-

03 Aug - St Austell, Band Club

09 Aug - Crumlin, The Patriot - ALBUM LAUNCH SHOW

17 Aug - Tiverton, White Horse Inn

24 Aug - Royston, Melbourne Rock Club (Mofest)

31 Aug - Hatfield, Rock Den (Den Fest V)

11 Oct - Bideford, Palladium

19 Oct - Swansea, Hangar 18

23 Oct - Blackpool, Waterloo Music Bar

16 Nov Looe, Cornwall Rocks