Formerly known as Guns of Anarchy, THE WICKED JACKALS come from Watford and have been around since 2013. The raucous trio launch their new EP, 'About Time' at The Big Red, London on 5th July. The EP is for fans of Motley Crue, GnR and Van Halen, and is hard rock deliciously tinged with sleaze.

'Aint Gonna Change' is a great opener and my favourite track on the EP, a pounding for the ears with a catchy riff, repetitive chorus and a raw, unpolished retro feel. This will be an anthemic crowd pleaser live and the soaring guitar solo is the cherry on top.

'She's Gone To The Dogs' has a real sleazy feel to the vocals and a steady drumbeat as the backbone, but the track is truly brought to life by the blistering guitars. It reminds me of Bigfoot’s 'Blame It On The Dog' - a fan favourite that is amazing fun. If this is a similar starting block then I can't wait to see what else these guys release.

'Laying Down The Law' starts a party in your head from the first scream whilst ‘Scream’ gets your body moving to the beat. The former slows down mid-way which adds an interesting dimension and I love the throwback glam/sleaze style, whilst the latter has some lovely guitar work to get the juices flowing. This will definitely be another track that gains energy from a live performance.

This is a solid and enjoyable EP with songs that I bet are truly wicked live and I'll definitely be watching out for them in the future. Have a listen and make your own mind up.


  1. Ain't Gonna Change

  2. Fortune'N'Glory

  3. She's Gone To The Dogs

  4. Laying Down The Law

  5. Scream

The Wicked Jackals are:-

Ollie Tindall – Vocals / Guitar

Lex Gifford - Bass

James Norkett - Drums

Marty Venus - Guitar