CROSSFIRE EAGLES - All You Know (Single)

crossfire eagles.jpg


If you're a regular reader, you may recall my insistence that people check out South Yorkshire indie rock band, CROSSFIRE EAGLES. As a lover of indie and alt-rock as well as the harder side of the rock genre, I've been impressed by the energy and hard work shown by these guys, as well as the pure quality of their sound.


As a reminder - I reviewed their last single in March this year - "the vocals are perfect for fans of Noel and his Birds, and the overall effect is a blissful glacier-like wave of indie music to get lost in."


This new single is out 16th August and is a slower affair than the last but again displays such a great production of vocals and music - this is another promising track from an exciting new band.


The funky, retro, not quite psychedelic, intro gives way to lovely Britpop-style vocals which are both raw and melodic, and again I love the rumble of that bass which acts as a steady foundation to the sound. Again this track suggests a great deal of class and maturity and I'm looking forward to the next release. It's so catchy it's addictive.


The band are relentless in gigging in the local area so make sure you catch them and check them out on social media.



James Wilson - Lead Vocals

Tyler Savage - Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals 

William Simister - Bass

Keaton Barker - Drums