Dedicated Shorts readers (hi mum!) will have noticed it’s been a while since the last Independent Shorts. “Why is that?” you ask, did our campaign to get every single independent band noticed work and they’ve all been signed up on lucrative contracts by major labels? Well, no. Because the music industry is still as dumb as it ever was. The truth is I’ve been working* my arse off at festivals like a proper little music journo. But now we’re back and boy have we got some doozies for you this week! Go on check ‘em out.



KAMINO - Snakes: First up we have KAMINO, who burst out of the blocks with an urgent blend of alternative rock and electro keyboards. It’s a frenetic, danceable blast with a joyously meaty breakdown in the middle and a soaring crescendo of a finish all wrapped up in a sound that is utterly unique and engaging.

the autumn killers.jpg

THE AUTUMN KILLERS - When Angels Lie: Rising from the ashes of REECE, Rob Reece has gathered a new collection of musicians to form THE AUTUMN KILLERS, and you can see this lot going down a storm on the current UK rock scene. ‘When Angels Lie’ comes on like a long-lost track from THE ALMIGHTY before launching into a great big singalong chorus that’s bound to get the crowds going. As a way to announce yourself to the scene it’s pretty damn good.


KAROBELA - No Mercy: Built on dirty, buzzing guitars and a chunky riff, this little beauty from Faversham based KAROBELA bounces along nicely, somewhere between modern alt-Rock and classic hard rock. Somehow managing to be both upbeat and a little dark at the same time, the soaring vocals will bury themselves in your head and if you aren’t singing along to the chorus by the end then, really, why are you even listening to music?


AJQJ - Lose My Mind: It probably shouldn’t have taken me two goes to spell AJQJs name, but it did, and now I feel like an idiot. However, I won’t hold it against them because they happen to have written a truly wonderful slice of punk-infused pop rock. It’s helped by having a great big “Hey!” before the chorus which never fails to improve a song but even without it this would be one hell of an ear worm, with its recurring riff and it’s infectious, bounding energy. Just don’t be surprised if you find yourself singing this at random moments in your day. Now how do you spell AJQJ again…?


LAND CAPTAINS - Automatic: I’d just like to point out that LAND CAPTAINS is an awesome name for a band. I don’t know why it is, but it is. Thankfully the music doesn’t disappoint either. A funky-arse verse leads to a heavy-arse chorus in a song that’s built to be played loud and in far bigger venues than they currently are. So go out there and support them, because let’s face it, you want a t-shirt with LAND CAPTAINS on it don’t you? I know I do, but then I am both a funky and heavy arse.

And that’s your lot Shorts fans. We need a better name for you glorious people than Shorts fans don’t we? Shortists? Independors? IS lovers? Err...I’ll have a think. In the meantime go listen to the bands and prepare yourself for the next lot of brilliance coming your way in Independent Shorts 12: Dark Phoenix. (This only works if we count the Deadpool films as part of the X-Men franchise, which generally I don’t. I think I need a new numbering system...)