SAM MILLAR - Holy Sass (EP)



SAM MILLAR is embarking on a conquest to revitalise the traditionally charming elements of alternative music, by effortlessly blending rock and country. His upcoming EP, ‘Holy Sass’, embodies the buzzing vibe of festivals that are paled by the oncoming sunset, clustered with beer-clutching, long-haired spirits and misted with invigorating music. 


The fizzing anticipation surrounding the release of ‘Holy Sass’ is justified, as following the release of single, ‘Strangers’, an ethereal track lined with lyrical hope and great instrumental velocity, SAM MILLAR has cemented his obvious talent and ardour. He is assuring his audience that he is creatively capable as a solo act, branching out from his continued position as guitarist and songwriter in British hard rock band, Bigfoot, to explore his own endeavours and highlight his spanning vision as a musician. His obvious aptitude is celebrated in ‘Holy Sass’. Loud and clear. 


Opening track, ‘Eyes’, kicks into action, pumping with a severity that does nothing less than reel the audience into the imminent medley of vibrant guitars and memorable melodies. This track serves perfectly as an introduction to SAM MILLAR himself - the energy displayed is intoxicating, encouraging the audience to grow their hair out simply so they can thrash it around for the remainder of the EP. 


SAM MILLAR is clearly aware of the jolting impact of solid drum beats, re-introducing them at the peak of the EP, ‘Let Me Yet’. Palm mutes underline the track before bursting into bewitching guitar hooks that are embroidered into ‘Let Me Yet’ in its entirety, allowing the third track to act as the pinnacle of ‘Holy Sass’. It is evident that SAM MILLAR has adequately meshed the teachings of his musical influences (Brian May, Zakk Wylde, Slash) into his own work to concoct a smooth, satisfying song that does nothing but justice to the classic rock genre as a whole. 


‘Lost In Translation’ momentarily dials down the amp, stripping SAM MILLAR down to his bare acoustics and raw melodic ability. Sombre chords build on isolated vocals and gently escalate into guitar-work that doesn’t outweigh the vulnerability that is prevalent within the first portion of the track. ‘Lost In Translation’ is a tasteful step down from the uncensored rock-and-roll vibe of the rest of the EP, garnishing ‘Holy Sass’ with an emotive element, thus defying the mindless shredding often portrayed in the scene. 


SAM MILLAR has refused to distinguish the consuming buzz of hard rock music, presenting it in all its honeyed glory. However, ‘Holy Sass’ defies the archetypal features of the genre, delivering it in a suave leather package, due for release on 30th August. 


Holy Sass Tracklist:

1. Eyes

2. Cyber Girl

3. Let Me Yet

4. Lost In Translation

5. Strangers