THE 501s - Sound Of Vision (Single)



A heady nostalgia pervades this latest single from Welsh trio THE 501’s from the pure joyful racket of the track, to the title that seems to be plucked from the early 1980’s. Like fellow countrymen The Stereophonics, this is a stadium rock singalong for the terraces complete with big sounding guitars and vocals sung at an excited, breathless pace but with a massive dollop of early 80’s New Wave attitude. 

THE 501’s have shown their brilliance at capturing a sound that is youthful whilst also retaining a mature edge and show that they’re a band for all seasons. This should rightly inspire you, fill you with that spark once more and make you never want to give up. Cracking stuff.


The 501s are:-

Shane Grist - Vocals / Guitar

Lewis Jeynes - Drums

Darran Smith - Guitar

Nathan Pockett - Bass