FEAR WITHOUT REASON - Towers Of Gold (Single)



Wolverhampton’s FEAR WITHOUT REASON are an alternative rock band that isn’t afraid of controversy. Their new single ‘Towers of Gold’, out 30th August, is provoked by events going on in the world today and the lyrics address issues that we have all come across in our everyday lives, either via the news or on a more personal level. They were inspired by thoughts that vocalist Zaz had about plastic in the ocean, air pollution, the rise in homelessness and the loss of life in wars over religion. Although it’s a war against corruption, it’s also a call to arms, for people to rise up and take some responsibility.

The song is a beefy blast of melodic rock that makes an impact from the outset as crashing cymbals and booming bass give way to harmonious melting riffs. As Zaz’s emotionally-rich vocals kick in, bringing his thoughts to life and lifting the song ever higher, it pulls on my heartstrings; goosebumps break out.

“You sit up there, breathing in your clean air, Stealing the lives that we’ve made, Killing this world with your lies, for your made-up religions of old. There is no man in the sky, it’s our sons and daughters that die, they die in your holy wars, for your towers of, towers of gold…”

This is a powerful message, the poignant lyrics delivered earnestly but wrapped up in a deliciously catchy slice of rock. Each instrument is played with intense feeling, Zaz’s vocals sliding over the top, giving a glorious multi-layered effect. I love it!

FEAR WITHOUT REASON put their heart and soul into their songwriting, and into their live performances, as witnessed by the DTF team at ASCENSION recently. The band have a great energy and depth of feeling which they use to project the emotion in their songs through to the audience.

Get ‘Towers of Gold’ here: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/fearwithoutreason/towers-of-gold?fbclid=IwAR18HzMLGSQOVXz7mZkeOSkyKeEcK79BSKZhg8GgJbOQ7-nU7ziTHEdJ1PQ

Band members:-

Zaz - Vocals

Ste Roberts - Guitar

Andy Goodwin - Drums

Rich Yates - Guitar

Phil Wilkinson - Bass

Catch the band live here:-

07 Sep - Cannock, The Station