INFERNAL BLOOM - Sharks (Single)




Anglo-French band INFERNAL BLOOM follow up their debut EP with new single 'Sharks'. Daniel and Sam met at school and met French-national vocalist G in college. They are now putting their future careers on hold to focus on the band.


‘Sharks’ starts with an ethereal intro then kicks in with melodious vocals which drive a funky, fresh and memorable alternative track. It's gentle yet powerful, getting under your skin, with resonant lyrics and lush harmonies. The track seems to be about juggling priorities, which is something I can certainly relate to as a 40+ single mum, so the audience appeal will be widespread which is always a great idea for a young new band.


At around 2 and a half minutes, there is a small musical interlude punctured with quiet repetitive vocals which build in energy and strength. This pattern of growth and building in pace and energy is what I notice most about the track. Loved it.


A great single and I suggest you check these guys out further


Infernal Bloom are:

G - Vocals

Sam - Guitar

Dan - Bass