SPRING.FALL.SEA - Time & Tide (EP)



Crunchy stirrings of post-hardcore, heavy pop and electronica elevate SPRING.FALL.SEA’s upcoming EP, ‘Time & Tide’ to a revolutionary and developmental podium. Through merging tracks with such a blistering enthusiasm, the rock trio maintains a continuity and flow so vital for ease of listening, refusing to give the listener a break between rock-lined punches. The band formed in Bangkok in 2015 and have since evolved into a relentless product of countless tour dates and the gritted sweat of rockstars. 


Introductory track, ‘Time & Tide’ embraces the upcoming songs and breathes a few steady breaths into them, serving as the perfect catalyst for the uncontainable energy that ricochets in the confines of following track and single, ‘Strangers’. Since its debut in April of this year, ‘Strangers’ continues to bleed complexity and striking instrumentation. Each vibration is reflective of being plunged underwater periodically, feeling the stagnation of all distraction and allowing full immersion into the track. As the listener resurfaces, however, SPRING.FALL.SEA drive home their heavy undertones, materialising in throaty, bellowing vocals and jerking beats. 


Medial tracks, ‘Home=Sick’ and ‘The Waves’ perfectly encapsulate the vast directional capability of this band. Gargantuan build-ups, an electronic underbelly, the complementary mesh of charmingly melodic vocals and that of darker, more gravelled deliveries. Each track thus far possesses a similar alluring tone; infectious melodies barb the songs and hook you in whether you like it or not. These songs will stick with you for days on end. 


Up next is single, ‘I Realise’, an enchanting track that was released in conjunction with an equally stellar music video. The softness of its vocals, the richness of its guitar tone and its poignant lyricism allow ‘I Realise’ to be the peak moment of reflection amongst a front-to-back listen. Its gradual smoulder implies an imminent outburst, but instead the track remains low and endearing, tearing open its intention and allowing the listener to wallow in its melancholy message, ‘Time and tide will never wait for us’

Vocalist, Alex Ekong, discusses the EP in its entirety, ‘Time & Tide is a reaction to change in the world around you and the internal turmoil that comes with it. It’s a realisation that your surroundings, your relationships, your universe isn’t going to wait for you. Your only option is to change with it and become the best person you can be.’ 


SPRING.FALL.SEA’s latest single, ‘All About This’ blossoms, chugging along atop a flourishing repeated choral melody that dews your brain with an inescapable catchiness. The band force their foot all the way down on the throttle with this track, showcasing their salted ability as a conventional rock band whilst baring the veins of electronics that mutate their potential above most. They’re like a rock, electronica, heavy pop science experiment gone so right. 

‘No Regrets Just Memories’ concludes the release with the most eclectic send-off. Arguably, the screams in this song don’t adequately complement the spoken word that opens the track or the clean vocals that stand boldly at the forefront, but some may see that this layer simply adds raw emotion. Either way, this track pummels home the tone of SPRING.FALL.SEA: a rounded, torn at the edges band with rare, exotic roots and impeccable verve. 


SPRING.FALL.SEA are going places, even if maybe they have already travelled enough. These guys covered over 10,000 miles touring in North America alone, were formed in Bangkok, Thailand, and have members originating from Germany and France. Crazy. 



Alex Ekong – Vocals

Marvin Bla – Guitar

Dylan Percy – Drums

‘Time & Tide’ Tracklist:

1. Time & Tide

2. Strangers

3. Home=Sick

4. The Waves

5. I Realise

6. All About This

7. No Regrets Just Memories