DEAD SHED JOKERS - All The Seasons (Album)

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DEAD SHED JOKERS haven’t taken the easy route with their third album, ‘All The Seasons’, unleashed via Pity My Brain on 6th September. The Welsh rockers took the time to delve deep into every dark recess of themselves in order to produce their most personal and intimate offering yet, and then recorded the album live, at Sonic One Studios, Llanelli, in only five days. The band’s debut album ‘Peyote Smile’ (2011) and second eponymous album (2015) received high praise from critics and fans alike.


The adrenaline fuelled ‘Phantom Pains’ launches the album with a riff-laden assault to my ears. There is tension in the vocals as the lyrics discuss how comforting it is to cling onto your memories after losing someone close to you, even if it is painful to remember. The grungy guitars go perfectly with the anguished vocals in summing up the lyrical content. ‘Feel Some More’ has a completely different vibe from its predecessor and a bluesy feel with lovely tonal guitars and harmonised backing vocals. ‘Dreams of North Korea’ ebbs and flows, building and stirring all the emotions of the subject of crippling addiction. Stirring guitars and staccato drums emphasise the rawness, the vocals fierce and aggressive at times.


Haunting title track 'All The Seasons' gives voice to how easily you can lose sight of your own needs when struggling to look after the mental wellbeing of those you care about, and how tough it is to be mentally and emotionally strong while taking care of other people. The haunting melody is clearly reflective and deeply personal and it simply touches the soul. ‘Feel Today’ is full of light and shade, riffs galore, and is a tune for jumping around your living room to. ‘764’ explores marital breakdown but does so in a melodic way so that it doesn’t feel quite as melancholic in the first half of the track (up to 2:48), then in the second half it does feel a bit lost and sad, rather like the end of a marriage.


‘All The Seasons’ is a no holds barred, musically diverse, intricate examination of incredibly personal and emotional issues that will resonate with listeners on a deep level and could easily catapult DEAD SHED JOKERS to the next level.


‘All The Seasons’ track listing:-

  1. Phantom Pains

  2. Feel Some More

  3. Dreams of North Korea

  4. All the Seasons

  5. Aesopica#15

  6. Feel Today

  7. 764

  8. You’re a Thief

  9. Spanner in the Works

  10. Enough is as Good as a Feast


Band members:-

Hywel Davies - Vocals / Backing Vocals

Nicky Bryant & Kristian Evans - Guitars and Bass

Christopher Metters - Guitars / Bass / Keys / Backing Vocals

Sean Mahoney - Drums / Percussion / Backing Vocals