FOR THE LEGION - Down The Path (EP)



Based in Stockholm, Swedish pop-punk band FOR THE LEGION kicked into the alternative music scene as a rebirth of previous musical endeavours. With uninterrupted ties to pop-punk since childhood, the quartet has track records embellished with a line of punk-rock bands that they formed amongst themselves, taking inspiration from the likes of Blink-182, Green Day, and Swedish alternative moguls, Millencolin.

Since igniting their obvious zest for pop-punk music, FOR THE LEGION have tirelessly released a string of EP’s, from ‘Flamboyant’ (2013), to ‘Super Smash’ (2014) and ‘Regular Terrestrials’ (2016), effortlessly showcasing their innate talent, culminating in this, their 2019 release ‘Down The Path’ - recorded with Alex Holmberg at MFG Studios. The first single from this release, ‘Pick Me Up (Hey You)’, was released on the 26th of April 2019.


While conforming to the gritty nature of pop-punk that bodes so well among the alternative community, FOR THE LEGION’s recent EP, ‘Down The Path’, released in May of this year, demolishes the conventions of the genre, unearthing societal topics that they feel require coverage. ‘This album is about personal change but also witnessing how the world is changing around us. We have put in a lot of work and sweat and are confident that this is our best work yet, as well as the most personal,’ says the band.


Introductory track, ‘May’, triggers a need to flail around, as its inescapably buoyant tone is reflective of the joyous content. ‘May’ is a track resulting from vocalist, Ed Lindgren, becoming a father merely days after the recording concluded, and so this track perfectly captures the authenticity and unrestricted vulnerability of these artists, all adequately presented with a kicker delivery.


‘We Want You to Panic’ spikes in the central portion of the EP, acting as a metaphorical shaking-of-the-shoulders to its audience. With its chants, ‘We are all to blame’ and jolting guitars (Ed Lindgren and Johan Låås), ‘We Want You to Panic’ is self-explanatory in its intention. FOR THE LEGION are actively exposing the underbelly of society and the threats that surround us, should we fail to take action. Centering around themes of global warming and societal incompetence, this pioneering track is influenced by the words of climate activist, Greta Thunberg, serving as nothing less than an alarming and deserved wake-up call.


‘Always out of Time, Never out of Breath’ is a well fleshed-out track, employing an unbridled bass-line (Marcus Birgersson), handsomely rampant drums (Hjalle Lindgren) and communal backing vocals, to demonstrate their influences from alternative legends, such as A Day to Remember. These similarities to the great concoction of sweat-and-angst-ridden legendary bands poses the question - why are FOR THE LEGION not as popular? Concluding track ‘Thin Air’ tenderly highlights the musical capabilities of the Swedish quartet; the rosy nature of Ed Lindgren’s blushed vocals coupled solely with acoustic guitars and subtle instrumental pepperings prove that they really should be up there with the greats. Their possibilities are boundless.

Down The Path Tracklist:

1. May

2. Pick Me Up (Hey You)

3. We Want You to Panic

4. Thrown

5. Always out of Time, Never out of Breath

6. Thin Air

For The Legion are:-

Ed Lindgren - Voice & Guitar.

Johan Schager Låås - Guitar.

The Tac - Bass.

Hjalle Lindgren - Drums.


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