THE DEAD DAISIES - Locked And Loaded - The Covers Album (Album)




THE DEAD DAISIES have always thrown in a cover version or two on their tours, and even on their albums in the past, so why not release a whole album of some of their favourites?


There are several ways of looking at covers, and audiences have been divided by the two opposing views for years. The first being, why do a cover song when you have three or four albums worth of your own, original material that your fans have paid to see played live? The second being, it’s fine to do a cover version, if you can add something to the original, rather than just re-hash what has been done before.


Beauty is not only in the eye of the beholder, but also in the ear of the audience, and there are a few bands who have actually made their name from one fantastic rendition of someone else’s music. Unfortunately, there are quite a few cover versions, that when you hear them you just think “why did you bother?”

Personally, I think Jon Corabi could sing ‘Three Blind Mice’, and have the audience on their feet screaming for more. He has the kind of voice that has made any song he sings sound like it was written exclusively for THE DEAD DAISIES. 


The choices on this ‘Locked and Loaded’ album, aren’t just a re-working of classics from the sixties and seventies, they are a tribute to the music and bands that were at the forefront of the early rock scene, and these covers just show how good music will never die!


Not long after Jon Corabi joined the Daisies, he suggested covering Alex Harveys ‘Midnight Moses’, and it was first played live on stage in Cuba when the Daisies were one of the first western rock bands to play there. It went down so well on tour, it was included in the second album ‘Revolucion’

Also included in that album was the rocked-up version of the old blues classic ‘Evil’, which was originally a hit for Howlin’ Wolf way back in 1969.


Jon Fogerty allegedly wrote ‘Fortunate Son’ in twenty minutes as a protest against the Vietnam war back in the sixties, yet it still sounds fresh and relevant in todays political climate, and having seen Aldridge and Mendoza make this song a Daisies live favourite on stage, it’s no surprise it has now featured on three Daisies albums so far. 

‘Make Some Noise’ also featured The Who classic ‘Join Together’, and is another track that is a powerful performance from the Daisies, who have somehow managed to transfer the magic from stage to studio without losing that live energetic feel to it.


We can’t leave the sixties without mentioning The Beatles, and it’s good to see previous DEAD DAISIES vocalist Jon Stevens included on this album with his rendition of ‘Helter Skelter’, originally included in the EP ‘Face I Love’. This Jon has a completely different sound, and range to Corabi, but the “Daisyfication” process was started with this track back in 2014, and is still played live more times than The Beatles ever played it.


The first of two covers taken from last years ‘Burn it Down ‘album is the Rolling Stones ‘Bitch’. Doug Aldridge has considerably more energy, feedback and licks than Richards on this track, even if it was originally recorded almost fifty years ago!

The second is another Beatles hit, and although it usually has a very distinctive sound, by the time the Daisies are finished with it, ‘Revolution’ is a souped up blues rock, sleazy masterpiece with just a hint of the original sound in it.


The one track on ‘Locked and Loaded’ not to have previously featured on a studio album, ‘American Band’ is included as a live version, and is another of Corabi’s favourite tracks he’s managed to turn into a fans favourite on tour.


Neil Youngs ‘Rockin in the Free World’ is the albums second live track, recorded at the Przystanek Woodstock festival in Poland, and accompanied by a full sixty-piece Philharmonic orchestra. All the musicians combine to give a massive sound, and all performed in front of a crowd of just under half a million. This will be the first time THE DEAD DAISIES have released it.


So, although this album isn’t new material from the band, it’s full of their greatest live hits. A lot of these tracks have been encores or show closers, that the fans have grown to love, and songs that the band love playing, and can surely call their own from now on.

‘Locked and Loaded’ is released on August 23rd. Pre order the album here:-



The Dead Daisies are:-

Doug Aldrich, Jackie Barnes, Deen Castronovo, John Corabi, Richard Fortus, David Lowy, Marco Mendoza, Dizzy Reed, Jon Stevens, Brian Tichy


1. Midnight Moses
2. Evil
3. Fortunate Son
4. Join Together
5. Helter Skelter
6. Bitch
7. American Band (Live)
8. Revolution
9. Rockin' In the Free World (Live)
10 Highway Star (Live)