ERADIKATOR – Obscura (Album)



ERADIKATOR, a four-member strong, heavy metal band from Birmingham, presenting here, their 9 track full-length album, ‘Obscura’.  This is the band's 3rd release and their previous album ‘Edge Of Humanity’ was a great slab of thrash metal, so needless to say, I was keen to get my teeth into this release. Like the album before it, it's recorded and produced by Russ Russell (known for his work with many great heavy bands, Napalm Death, Dimmu Borgir and At The Gates to name but a few) so we know we're in safe hands and that this metal opus should not disappoint on delivery.


The band has become more mature with a move away from their traditional thrash sound, from the very opening hooks of 'Nightmare Dawning,'  and we know the band aren’t shy to show off their newfound maturity, with its an infectious, heavy but melodic groove. This track stands out from the rest of the album, displaying almost pop-like sensibilities, bringing to mind the Brit rock explosion of the mid-90s when bands like The Wildhearts ruled the roost, it’s almost as though the band are reminding the listener that they are a garage band at their core. The second track ‘Poisoned To Sorrow’ is a big and catchy song that would sit comfortably being played at any rock club alongside Bullet For My Valentine and Killswitch Engage.


Elsewhere the album features some incredible progressive soaring melodies and shredding dual guitar work from Andy MacNevin and Liam Priest.  The vocals sitting somewhere between  Eric Saner formerly of Mastodon, a weak version of Layne Staley and M. Shadows from Avenged Sevenfold. The drumming is technically proficient, if not particularly stunning, driving the songs forward without ever being overbearing. I feel Jon MacNevin is probably more at home when he gets to break loose with the older fast-paced material where he gets to show off his skills to a greater extent.


I don’t really think there’s a bad track during the 47-minute run time of the album and at no point does it really outstay it's welcome. There may be a few clunky moments but generally, it’s smooth sailing. ‘I Want You To Believe’ has a surprisingly well done western tinged groove near the start, which shouldn’t work but it actually does. It could have easily turned into a botched Bon Jovi ballad but when it gets going, this steel horse gallops along with fist-pumping energy. Cox’s vocal sincerely belting out ‘we can’t believe in the hope of reality’


Worth a mention also is ‘Eyes of Old’,  a well-crafted piece that showcases the skills of both guitarists, starting with a quiet, beautifully woven tapestry of guitar work before building into an epic thrashing solo and a huge headbanging riff.


When all is said and done, ERADIKATOR displays a fresh youthful sound that’s never contrived. ‘Obscura’ is sharp, tight and brilliantly performed, however, I’m sure it will cause more than a little controversy with their current fan base … still, I’m sure they’ll get over it, you can’t be metal thrashing mad ALL the time! This is a mature work that demands repeat listens and doing so will be a good dose more rewarding than simply zoning out to what some of the big boys are offering up recently.


Eradikator are:

Patrick Cox – Bass / Vocals

Andy MacNevin – Guitar / Backing Vocals

Liam Priest – Guitar / Backing Vocals

Jon MacNevin – Drums