KIM JENNETT– Psycho (Single)



Mark this day in your diary. This is the day that the rock world changed forever. This is the day that KIM JENNETT releases her new single ‘Psycho’.

In the twelve months since they started working together Kim and guitarist/songwriter/producer Myke Gray have played some stunning live shows and released some incredible tracks, but this latest collaboration pushes things through the stratosphere. 

A whispered, sinister intro underpinned by some insistent riffing starts the song and quickly takes off with a scream. It’s at this point you know you’d better strap yourself in as things start to get REALLY crazy. The verse and chorus tear along at a rapid rate, driven by an utterly irresistible melodic feel that beautifully counterpoints the urgency and frankly wild sounding vocals. There is something here that truly captures the themes of the song perfectly and you can’t help but get swept along by a ride that is as equally exhilarating and frightening as the most ferocious rollercoaster. 

The production by Gray and the mix by Jay Ruston is absolutely pristine and one of the best you’ll ever hear. Whilst some would get carried away with trying to make the track as full of bells and whistles as they could, here things sound clean and brutal, losing not one moment of the power of the track and not sacrificing the tunefulness. It really is that good. 

Another notable aspect of ‘Psycho’ is the lack of a guitar solo, it’s simply not needed and shows that Gray is a man whose focus is to bring the best track possible, free of personal ego. Here, the song is king.

It’s an absolute killer, wild-eyed and ripping the place apart. This is where things really take off and you get the real feeling that Jennett’s heroine Lzzy Hale will be running for cover when she hears this, knowing that she’s just lost her crown as Queen of Rock. ‘Psycho’ proves once and for all that KIM JENNETT is totally unstoppable. Music will never be the same again. You have been warned.