LAGERSTEIN - 25/7 (Album)



When ALESTORM first started out playing Pirate Metal in the late noughties it would have been a brave man who suggested they were at the forefront of a whole slew of piratical bands following in their wake. Now an established sub-genre in its own right, Australia’s LAGERSTEIN have forged themselves as the best of the rest in terms of the leading proponents of Pirate Metal, especially as a live force. Their ‘drink rum and party’ ethos always proving a hit whether it’s at their own shows or festivals across the world. 


The pure, unadulterated joy of their live set has, as yet, not quite translated across to their recorded output but new album ‘25/7’ aims to change that. It is an unapologetically silly album, and they rarely stray from singing about rum, partying or general pirate behaviour involving rum and partying. If you’re looking for nautical quests, terrors of the deep or peg-legged shenanigans you won’t find them here, unless they also involve rum and - you guessed it - partying.


The album’s title ‘25/7’ may sound like an England score in the second innings of an ashes test but in fact, refers to the idea of sailing west to steal an extra hour of sunlight in order to keep the party going. It is a theme that runs throughout the album on songs like ‘Midnight Moonshine’, ‘Off the Map’ and ‘25 Hours’. Of the other songs we have the self-explanatory: ‘Dig, Bury, Drink!’, the ludicrous: ‘Party Parrot’ and the somewhat bizarre: ‘Shoey Song’, in which our swashbuckling heroes buy a new pair of shoes. Why? To drink rum out of, of course, a nod to their onstage antics. Oh, and the less said about the song ‘Wench My Thirst’ the better, quite frankly.


None of this sees the band exactly heading into unchartered territory if we’re honest but where LAGERSTEIN have noticeably upped their game is in the music itself. Daft as the songs may be, they are very well written and played with a skill that belies their drunken ethos. The added flourishes of violins, horn sections and additional instrumentation add a nautical depth and a surprising nuance to the record and yet they maintain enough heft in their guitars to keep the metal hordes happy. It is a reminder that the best bands at making silly music are often far more serious musicians than they’d have you believe. 


Don’t get me wrong though, this is not a record to be taken seriously, it is to it’s a core a light-hearted romp, an album to party to as the music whirls around you, a blur of rum and shaggy dog stories. It is also an album that surely breaks the record for the amount of times the words “beer bong” can be shoehorned into a collection of songs. And that’s the sheer joy of it, these are songs to enjoy, not to analyse. Songs made to be played live to a crowd of like-minded souls and on that level, it works brilliantly, and easily surpasses the band’s earlier output. 


So, take off your shoes, pour yourself a rum in them, sit back, switch off your brain and head west for that extra hour of fun. Yarr!

‘25/7’ is available to pre-order HERE and is released on the 23rd August.



1.       Midnight Moonshine

2.       Dig, Bury, Drink!

3.       The Wild West

4.       Shoey Song

5.       Drink of the Pirates

6.       Pina Colada Paradise

7.       Wench My Thirst

8.       Off The Map

9.       Party Parrot

10.   Aqua Bong

11.   25 Hours

12.   A New Day

13.   Down Under


Lagerstein are:

Cptn. Gregarggh 
The Majestic Beast 
Neil Rummy Rackers 
Mother Junkst 
Jacob, The Fiercest Pirate in all the Caribbean