DESENSITISED – ‘Emily’ (Single)

It would be impossible not to love this bright, spiky bit of punk-pop from the Nottingham trio. The girls have produced a song that would fit perfectly into the soundtrack of an American High School based film and is equally suited to blasting out on Summer days or bouncing around to at a joyously manic gig. There’s a delightful throwback quality to ‘Emily’ and with it clocking well under three minutes it rocks along, never outstays its welcome and brings sunshine into your ears.


INDYA – ‘Gimme Ya Luv’ (Single)

Natalie Indya West proves once again that she certainly does things her way with this, the latest release from her titular band INDYA. The track is a real melting pot of different influences and whilst they really shouldn’t work together, they really do, providing her own unique style. The mix of R&B, rock and moments of industrial flicks comes together into something dark, twisted and worth taking a listen to.


AUSTIN GOLD – ‘Caught On You’ (Single)

For those who love huge and epic American style rock this gem is a must. With a sound as big as the Cambridgeshire skies the band know so well, they have come out with a track that brings together the best of bands like Blackberry Smoke and Black Stone Cherry. Filled with the grandeur of organs, Southern fried guitars and heroic vocals, it’s no wonder that AUSTIN GOLD went down so well at the recent Ramblin’ Man Fair and this track perfectly illustrates why superstardom beckons.


WOODFISH – ‘Woodfish’ (EP)

Sometimes you just need to dance and the rocket fueled funk rock of WOODFISH will provide your perfect excuse. The five tracks on the EP have such a huge appeal and aren’t just a one note recording that will be forgotten in a haze of a few bottles of Red Stripe. ‘Damn Thing’ is the child of Living Colour and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers being tutored by James Brown and George Clinton on mescaline whilst Carlos Santana breaks out a guitar solo. 

‘Scrap’ is the track that Prince never got to make and ‘Stained’ is a commercial cracker that benefits from a chorus that the Barenaked Ladies used to be so good at and a real spirit of The Police and Eric Clapton. ‘Wasteland’ is country meets ska meets new wave vibe and final track ‘Breaking Free’ has a great 90’s indie feel and is much more of a story telling song than the mania before. 

There’s so much to enjoy with this release that you’ll be reaching for the repeat button and popping the top off another cold beer to appreciate it all again the moment it finishes.