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Sonically charged and birthed with blistering energy, ‘The Hold’ by noisemaking duo, PERFECTPARACHUTEPICTURE, perfectly encapsulates the smoky exhilaration you experience after a gig, joints throbbing and beats recoiling in your brain. The ambience of this track resembles that of the London backstreet in which you stand, buckling ankles and swelling head, tempting you to engage with its jagged riffs despite your enervation. 


It’s the kind of song that you’d hear bellowing into the night from a pub down the road, its raw pungency seeping down the streets and engulfing you, limb by limb. So much so, that regardless of your exhaustion from previous gig endeavours, you debate testing the elasticity of your brainstem once more, alone in the street, just to give the track its desired reception. The track doesn’t care for your environment or willingness. You’ll move to it. 


Stylised as PPP, the pair from Sheffield emanate an energy so battering that ‘The Hold’ is carried at an unreachable pace, failing to stagnate for even a second. The staggering bassline, courtesy of Edward James, acts like a mattress with protruding springs – it appears inviting at first, enticing the audience, before proceeding to inject every last nerve with countless notes that demolish any reluctance you may have. ‘The Hold’ in this case is multidimensional, as the barbed delivery of both the bass and Kyle Ernest’s vocals sink into your skin and awaken all elements until the track reaches its close. Chances are, you won’t turn it off before then. Not like you really have a choice, anyway – they’re infecting your muscles with ferocity as you listen.  


‘The Hold’ is a single from PERFECTPARACHUTEPICTURE’s upcoming debut album, ‘No Modern Desire’, set for release on the 13th of September. If the remainder of the album packs anywhere near the same velocity of a punch as this track, then I’d get to stretching now, if I were you.