ODDFELLAS – Oddfellas (EP)

Oddfellas EP.jpg


Texas four-piece, ODDFELLAS, is an Alternative Rock band who have been on the go since 2017. Their sound comes across as experimental but is not. Confused? Don’t be. There are bluesy tracks, melodic and heavy rock, possibly even some grunge thrown in for good measure too and this blend (or “infusion” if feeling a bit posh) results in their original sound, but at the same time, you will hear very subtle influences. This self-titled EP boasts five tracks and I recommend you listen to the EP in its entirety, as every track is completely different and Drake nails the vocals every time, totally complementary to their style.

What an opening song ‘Reason’ is for your ears! It gets stuck right in with some proper heavy riffs thanks to Dako, and there isn’t a hope in hell that you will skip it. There are cool breakdowns, and it’s definitely my favourite track. For some reason, I loved the video, pink as it is but it put a smile on my face on an otherwise dreary Monday afternoon.

‘Blame’ is all about drummer Mason right from the very start, all six minutes of it! But then again it’s accompanied by proper funky bassline from Lino, with Dako letting fly again in every tempo change, slowing things right down with the hypnotic melody to the last note.

When you open your eyes after ‘Blame’, ‘Walk on By’ is the next track. **WARNING** Do NOT play this for Dionne Warwick fans, or maybe you should… There is a radio edit for those with extra sensitive ears. Drake eases you in with his bluesy style vocals and the lyrics that will make you pay attention.

A funky bluesy riff starts off Track 4, ‘Disguise’, and the harmonies really add that something extra. For this one, I just closed my eyes and listened and yes, my head was nodding, much to the amusement of my colleagues (some of whom like boy bands so they wouldn’t know good music if it hit them with a baseball bat!).

Final track ‘Dead’ finishes off the EP and,  well, this one made me open my eyes and sit up straight! There are several breakdowns and tempo changes throughout. Dako really does soar (that may sound cliché, but that’s exactly what it is) and Drake keeps it company with style. I would love to hear this live (Ed – any chance of a flight to Texas??), and I can just imagine it being the closer after a brilliant set. Maybe this one is my favourite.

Consider this a sign of what is to come because there is nothing odd about these fellas – or perhaps there is, but it works!

‘Oddfellas’ EP is due for release on the 20th of September