MORALE – Dopamine (Single)



Surrey-based three-piece rock band MORALE’s brand new single, ‘Dopamine’, hit the airwaves on the 30th August 2019. After already releasing their debut EP ‘Left For Dead,’ in May this year, MORALE has produced another hard-hitting single that will no doubt serve them well to help them make a name for themselves on the rock music scene.

For fans of rock from the likes of Fangclub to Nirvana, MORALE’s sound is a strong testament to a nostalgic 90’s grunge sound alongside modern influences. Lyrically centred around drug addiction, this theme actually functions as a metaphor for the younger generation’s obsession with social media. While somewhat critical, the metaphor presents social media as a dangerous thing to centre one’s life around.

Powerful and driven by haunting vocals akin to that of Cobain, heavy distortion and a pounding drum beat, ‘Dopamine’ has all the ingredients to be a grunge rock anthem.

With images covered in static and glitching clips, the lyric video, animated by Matthew Entecott and Tash Tully, perfectly fits the atmosphere the song creates and reinforces the theme of drugs and being under the influence of them. Check it out below.