PALM GHOSTS - Better To Know (Single)



Nashville band PALM GHOSTS are the brainchild of Vocalist and Bassist Joseph Lekkas . Labelling themselves as ‘ cinematic dream pop’ you can imagine this musing track as a back-drop to a Nordic Noir movie.

‘Better To Know’ resounds with influences from the 80’s post-punk indie scene. The pulsating guitar refrain and reverberating vocals are reminiscent of the ethereal vibe given off by the likes of Echo and the Bunnymen and The Cure. This is more than simply a homage to the aforementioned bands as PALM GHOSTS bring their own unique take to the track that makes for an stunningly atmospheric listening experience.

Interlaced with a thought-provoking lyrical refrain of “A paradigm shift’s been a long time coming” it asserts that knowing yourself will help to improve your outlook. The intensity of the lyrics accompanied by a catchy riff, that sits somewhere between indie and pop, more than merits radio airplay listing. 

It is a stunning track that deserves wide exposure. 


Palm Ghosts are:-

Joseph Lekkas - Vocals, Bass

Jason Springman - Guitars, Vocals

Rene Lambert - Drums

Benjamin Douglas - Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals