BROODMOTHER – Sin, Myth, Power (Album)



Formed in 2016, Worcester based BROODMOTHER have been crafting their own brand of Stoner Rock to culminate in their debut album ‘Sin, Myth, Power’.

Recorded at Chicken Shack Studios in Worcestershire, the band self-produced the album, calling on their friend Jay Clark to mix and master.

With a mature resonance and blend of influences, this record not only offers a healthy mix of groove-laden, doomy and kaleidoscopic standards but a fresh, metal edge to ebb and flow between some spacey ambience and mammoth riffs.

Every track on ‘Sin, Myth, Power’ feels like a unique, yet integral part of the album’s overall make-up. This includes the intro/outro ‘(sin)’ and ‘(power)’, and the median passage ‘(myth)’ which sits amongst seven tracks that really pack a creative punch.

The Sabbath inspired riffage of ‘Natural Born Sinner’ begins an irresistible head nodding journey, driven by a full-bodied rhythm section. With songs like ‘Space Wizard’ and ‘Being Me’, BROODMOTHER provide layers of heavy bass, delicious fuzzy guitar tones and tumbling tom fills, all whipped along by the gritty, vibrato-led vocal of Noel Fischer.

Abatement comes by way of various cool, collected and laid back sections. In the case of ‘Ares’ the blues-infused lead outro could arrive earlier to trim god of war indulgences, but when intro phasers are set to doomy psychedelia for the melodic monster ‘Cosmic Pyramid’, you’re in for a start to finish highlight.

‘End Of Days’ is a thick, essential epic, featuring guest vocal duty from Paul Catten (MEDULLA NOCTE, MURDER ONE). It plods headlong and stoically into the relative rocker ‘Feedback’, which completes 47 minutes of BROODMOTHER, to now disseminate throughout the UK stoner scene.

Released today (13th September), the digital album also comes as a limited edition CD, with both formats including artwork and lyrics.



Noel Fischer - Vocals
Jon Edwards - Lead Guitar
Clive Withers - Guitar
Ian Perry - Bass
David Oliver – Drums