ELEVATION FALLS – Demon (Single)



Something dark and ancient is stirring in the Emerald Isles. Something that captures the imagination and walks that tightrope between thrilling and nerve-shredding. You have been warned. ELEVATION FALLS have always been touted as ones to watch and with this new single (a taster for the forthcoming EP due early 2020) they show they have the chops to follow in the footsteps of such prestigious company as Thin Lizzy, Therapy? and Mamas Boys in the pantheon of great Irish hard rocking bands.

Equally epic and claustrophobic, this is a bold and sinister track that sees the snarling twin guitars of Chris Young and Darragh Shields snapping and slashing at each other over the intro whilst Gabriel Grecco and Alex Sanchez de Orduna bring the crushing rhythm of bass and drums. And then, the vocals come in. It can’t be overstated just how powerful and unique Hazel Jade Rogers voice is, compelling and casting such a spell that you just can’t get away, even if you wanted to. 

The song tears along, a gut-churning cauldron that leaves you battered and bruised in ways you didn’t know were possible but then, after a ferocious solo, it transforms into a lighter passage, a calm after the violence of the storm that speaks of relief or an unnerving sense of something lurking. Is this the salve you’ve been longing for? Just something to lull you into a false sense of security before something erupts from your skin or buries itself deep into your brain? Only time and the EP will tell. 

ELEVATION FALLS are one heck of a band and ‘Demon’ is their biggest and best track yet. There’s only one question left: are you brave enough for this rollercoaster ride?

Elevation Falls is:

Hazel Jade - Lead Vocals / Piano / Acoustic Guitar

Chris ‘Crispy’ Young - Lead + Rhythm Guitars / Backing Vocals

Darragh Shields - Lead + Rhythm Guitars / Backing Vocals

Gabriel Grecco - Bass / Backing Vocals

Alex Sanchez de Orduña - Drums