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A young band, in their fourth year, WICKED STONE have already made an impact. Their debut album, ‘Ain’t No Rest’, was released to critical acclaim late 2017 and the band are making a name for themselves as a killer live band, winning new fans wherever they go, from Ramblin’ Man Rising Stage to Winters End, and HRH Highway To Hell finalists.


Their follow-up EP, 'Devil In Me', is out Friday 13th September 2019, and I got a cheeky listen; Wow! This 5-track EP is in another league to the previous release and an exciting glimpse of a big bright future for the Kent-based band.


'Couldn't Take Any More' has a thunderous beat and killer riffs, with attitude by the bucketful and velvety soulful vocals from frontman Joe Hawx. It's a high octane driving track with a pulsing beat.


'Unchained' is altogether darker and sexier, building in intensity to become a powerhouse song which will surely be a wall of sound live. The vocals are immense and there is some stellar guitar work going on.


'Keep Fighting' is quite simply, sensational, a driving beat which is exciting and heavy, and mesmerising vocals which are challenged by chunky riffs. The track has superb layering and is polished and well produced.


'Saviour' is my favourite song on the EP and not since Stone Broken have I been so smitten with a track on first hearing it! Catchy riffs are joined by a huge rhythm section and first-rate Vocals making it a real singalong track. The vocals transfix me. At around 3 and a half minutes, the track switches things up and the becomes a MEAT FEAST of chunky, meaty guitars til it closes. Fantastic.


The title track closes what is a must-have EP, this track having more of a southern, whiskey-soaked feel with an immense chugging bass. I saw this band a few years ago and, while they converted me quickly to a fan, I cannot wait to see them with this new release; it's a new level of awesomeness that is now a mainstay in my collection.


12 out of 10.