CORRODED release new video 'Breathing'


Released January 18th

“…how can you go wrong with Swedish metal?”
Antihero magazine

“We had the intro to the album ready when we first met to start writing for the album. We listened to it together for the first time then and there and as soon as the last note rang out Jens started humming on a riff. That riff was the opening riff to what later would become Breathing. This is the first song on the album and really sets the tone for the rest of the songs. If the album would be a family "Breathing" would be the father figure who says -whatever shit you're dealing with, all you can do is keep on Breathing!”CORRODED 2019

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Part 1 – ‘Cross’ –

Part 2 – ‘Burn’ -

Swedish hard rock band CORRODED, which tops Swedish music lists and whose music is loved by fans all over the world is finally back with their second album release on Despotz Records (Corroded’s fifth album overall).

Following the band's latest album release "Defcon Zero" they’ve played across Europe on two sold out tours along with PAIN and their own headlining tour. The band has performed at festivals such as Sabaton Open Air, Skogsröjet and Sweden Rock Festival where they went down in history at the 4 Sound Stage with the largest crowd. In 2019 the band will be launching a new tour of Europe to support the new album!
Those who have seen Corroded live have witnessed the strong brotherhood that ties the members together. The band itself says that they’re like brothers in a somewhat dysfunctional family, and as a well-oiled machinery they work together towards their goal - to take over the world.
"It's what has gotten us where we are today - we never give up - despite setbacks that has hit us like a hard fist in the face we get up and use that as inspiration to create new music. Our background is in the working class which is reflected in our music. The fact that we’ve had to struggled with various setbacks to get where we are today has given us thicker skin and shines through in our music.”- Jens

Now the band is back with its fifth studio album and the sounds is angrier, broader and darker than the CORRODED we are used to. The band has been influenced by a wider variety of music, but if you've heard CORRODED before, you'll still recognize the hard riffs, melodic parts and Jens’ raw and brutal vocals that like an elemental power penetrates through all the barriers. 
"We want the listener to feel like the music hits them hard in the chest, but at the same time captures them" explains Thomas.

"The album title ‘Bitter’ comes from observing how the social climate is right now around the world. Wherever we look we see so much anger, the world is heartless and cold. Everyone’s so dissatisfied and thinks that everyone else’s life is so much better than theirs, and if something goes wrong it’s always someone else to blame. As a result of this all power-hungry leaders in this world thrives on the dissatisfaction of the people and gain power that way. So, we see the world as bitter and it has inspired both the lyrics and the music of the upcoming album! "- Jens (singer)
It's brutal, honest, melodic but also edgy.
It's CORRODED and it's BITTER!

‘Bitter’ is released via Despotz Records on January 25th 2019.
Available on CD, LP and download.