Swedish melodic death metal band ZEPHYRA release 'Fall. Rise. Conquer.'


"Fall. Rise. Conquer.", the third album by melodic death metal band Zephyra has been released! In this album listeners get to hear explosive growling vocals paired with beautifully clean vocals that are constantly interchanging throughout each track.

The band's writers Tony Netterbrant and Åsa Netterbrant, use the experiences of their own personal lives as well as what they've witnessed around the world in the lyrics. They pair them to the music that takes listeners through the pain and rage of what everyone goes through in daily life. The heavy emotion into each track is unleashed not only by the lyrics, but also the explosive tempos and heavy riffs that perfectly balance the album.

The band has added a cover of Metallica'"Nothing Else Matters" on this album. They have also added two tracks performed in their native Swedish tongue, "Fånge i Frihet" (Prisoner in Freedom) and "Svart Smärta" to give listeners a different listening experience.

Watch the video for "Dreams Denied" here: https://youtu.be/ki-TMMlEmDI


Zephyra are headed to the UK for tour starting on May 23rd to be followed by performances at The Puzzled Scream Festival at the end of May, then TotsåsRock Festival and Tattoofest over the summer with more tour dates being added.

What critics have had to say about "Fall. Rise. Conquer."

"The band returns with this album that will make you ask and shout for more melodic death metal, a very mature and well done death metal melodic! It has a brutal and crushing start and a powerful ending that will knock your ears!" - Darkzen

"The tracks are really well-composed and mixing. There is amazing mixture of sounds! Powerful guitar riffs with tuned headbanging mood" - The Metal Sister

"It’s an astonishingly adept and beautiful album, filled with the audio equivalent of a visual light show, of conceptual brilliance and outstanding artistry. If this is the future of metal, then it’s heading in the right direction. Spectacular" - Rock Queen Reviews


“Fall. Rise. Conquer.” Tracklist:
Dreams Denied
Fånge i Frihet
Waiting for Nothing
Nothing Else Matters (Metallica Cover)
Paper Crown
After the Meltdown
Svart Smärta
A Letter for You
My Pain
Man Chooses, Slave Obey

See Zephyra Live:
May 23 - The County Music Bar, CHESTERFIELD, (GBR)
May 24 - Bar 42, WORTHING, (GBR)
May 25 - Route 44, BIRMINGHAM, (GBR)
May 26 - The Brickmakers, NORWICH, (GBR)
May 31 - The Puzzled Scream Festival, HALMSTAD (SWE)
July 19 - TotsåsRock Festival, LIERNE (NOR)
August 24 - Tattoofest 2019, NIJVERDAL (NL)

Zephyra are:
Vocals: Åsa Netterbrant
Guitars: Tony Netterbrant
Bass: Al Rinald
Drums: Kujtim Gashi

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