HEAVY MONTRÉAL 2019 - APOCALYPSE Stage Sunday 28 July




Montreal’s MOUNTAIN DUST returned in 2018 with a powerful sophomore album entitled Seven Storms. Vocalist Brendan Mainville continues to use descriptive imagery and clever storytelling to paint vivid pictures of both pain and triumph. MOUNTAIN DUST open the APOCALYPSE Stage at 1:00pm - 1:30pm.

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A five-piece Helsinki based heavy metal band BEAST IN BLACK was founded by Anton Kabanen soon after he had parted ways with BATTLE BEAST in 2015. The newborn Beast is back with a vengeance, rising from the abyss with fortitude to spew its unrivaled heavy metal fury all over the world! Beast In Black, the Beast is back! They play 2:00pm - 2:40pm.

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Two decades since their 1999 formation in Southern California, the band continues to cements its legacy with vibrant albums and continued sold-out touring. "Somehow, 20 years later, it’s reached a whole new level," said Saller about the band's current mindset. "I feel like we're alive, and Atreyu has never been more on fire than we are now." Through the course of its career, the band has sold over 2 million albums and tallied 200 million stream in the US. They hit the stage 3:30pm - 4:05pm.

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German Heavy metallers GAMMA RAY have over 30 years experience that they shall be bringing to HEAVY MONTRÉAL 2019. Kai Hansen and co will be looking for a great show and you can catch them at 4:50pm - 5:35pm.

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Maryland rockers Clutch have been pushing the boundaries of heavy rock music since the 4 original members got together in high school. Having been tagged hard rock, blues rock, southern stoner rock and alternative metal by media and fans across the world it is safe to say one thing... “What you see is what you get”. What you’ll get on the APOCALYPSE Stage is a damn fine rock show. See them at 6:25pm - 7:15pm.

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It’s rare that a career gets a second shot, let alone a whole second act, but then Anthrax isn’t your average band. Formed in New York in 1981, the group that would go on to sell overten million records and become the living embodiment of America’s hi-top wearing, riff-spitting, ear-thrashing answer to the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal has undergone not one,but two complete eras. The story of Anthrax is one of gritty determination in the face of outrageous odds. They close the APOCALYPSE Stage at 8:15pm - 9:15pm.

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