HEAD WITH WINGS to support SOULSPLITTER on 'Salutogenesis' tour!



Having recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of their 2018 debut album ‘From Worry To Shame’ with a specially-released piano rendition of ‘Somewhere, Something Gives’, Connecticut-based prog outfit Head With Wings have announced that they will support German progressive metal collective Soulsplitter on their upcoming “Salutogenesis” tour. The tour will see both band bands perform at a number of venues, starting with this year’s Euroblast Festival in Cologne, Germany.


With their upcoming headline tour dates looming on the horizon, Soulsplitter exclaim: 

“After years of working behind the scenes producing and crafting the best record we can, we are beyond excited to finally bring it to the stage and to the people! We couldn’t wish for a better tour partner than Head With Wings - their approach towards creating an immersive musical experience is largely identical to ours, yet very differently executed...which will allow each date to be a multifaceted journey into progressive music!” 

Joshua Corum of Head With Wings is equally eager to embark on tour with Soulsplitter, and to hit their upcoming Euroblast Festival date: 

"When [festival organiser] John Sprich invited us to play Euroblast, we were absolutely floored. It felt like the culmination of a ton of hard work surrounding our debut album and spending a year or so honing in our sound with Andrew, Mike and Steve. After many hours in the rehearsal room, it's almost time to hit the road. 

The Salutogenesis Tour finds us partnering with the visionary metal band, Soulsplitter, and this is our way of upping the ante during our time in Germany. Both bands are eager to close out 2019 with some proper miles behind them, and after hearing 'Salutogenesis,' I can safely say that German music fans are in for a treat. This is a package that you won't want to miss!”

You can purchase tickets for Soulsplitter’s ‘Salutogenesis’ tour via EventBrite, while Euroblast Festival tickets may be purchased from the festival’s website. The full list of live dates is as follows:

27th-29th September - Euroblast Festival, Cologne, Germany

2nd October - Slaughterhouse, Berlin
4th October - Forum, Mannheim
6th October - T-Stube, Rendsburg
8th October - Fabrique, Hamburg

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