MEDUSA GLARE announce new single 'A Mind Reborn'


New Zealand rockers Medusa Glare will officially release their new song A MIND REBORN on FRIDAY 27TH SEPTEMBER.

Written by Medusa Glare, recorded at Neil Finn’s Roundhead Studios NZ and Taupiri Sound, produced and mixed by Scott Seabright.

A Mind Reborn is a song about the expectation to conform in today’s world. The pressures of modern life and the impact it has on ones mindset and wellbeing. Trying to maintain individuality, the ability to express thoughts, feelings and emotions, and the vulnerability that brings.  


Musically the song encapsulates Medusa Glare’s signature sound. Big riffs, killer grooves, fat bass, and powerful melodic vocals.


“The song goes down a treat live,” says guitarist Simon Koretz. “We played it at a recent show and the audience were right into it.” “All heads were rocking in time to the rhythmic pulse of that groove,” “it was great.”


Medusa Glare have just recorded their second EP, titled Illusion which is due out in the coming months, and are currently writing new material for their follow up release planned for 2020.

A MIND REBORN will be available on iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify and YouTube.



Pre save to Spotify here: 


Combining contemporary sounds with hard hitting old school rock, Medusa Glare deliver the perfect blend of groove and melody. Catchy hooks, driving rhythms and killer riffs are plentiful in their repertoire of exceptional original music. Boasting a wealth of live and studio experience, they deliver a tight and powerful sound. In 2008 guitarist Simon was recruited to play guitar for Deep Purple/Black Sabbath legend Glenn Hughes on his New Zealand show.

Rick’s powerful drum sound and solid style, combined with Simon’s rich, warm, driving guitar tones, Steve's powerful tenor vocals, and Nathan's pumping, groove soaked basslines are reminiscent of a time when Rock n Roll was the undisputed king. While their roots lie firmly in the classic era of rock, they are very much a band of today.



Simon Koretz – Guitar

Steve Anderton – Vocals

Nathan Waters – Bass

Rick Walker – Drums

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