Metalcore Quintet BLACK INK Announce New Single 'Lights Out'

Nottingham based metalcore quintet BLACK INK will release their new single release 'Lights Out' next month. The band have only been together for three months and have already supported the likes of Hacktivist and Napoleon at their debut show at Macmillan Festival. 

For fans of Killswitch Engage and The Ghost Inside, BLACK INK are highly influenced by bands that break the metalcore mould by introducing other musical elements. They experiment with different styles, whist still staying true to their roots.

'Lights Out' is about the internal conflict and emotions of a person experiencing depression and suicidal thoughts. Going through the feelings of guilt, fear, regret and hopelessness and being scared that you’ll hurt the people close to you if you let them near. This leads to unwillingly pushing them away, but when the lights go out, you’re all alone and you feel that you no longer have control of your own actions.

"Our new material is a lot more personal and emotional, than anything we've previously written for our other projects. We've drawn from our own experiences of depression, anxiety and anger and about how we've dealt with them. We've also expressed how we've overcome all of those things." - explains Kam Rahmoun, BLACK INK guitarist, when talking about the new single release. 

'Lights Out' is very dark, exploring the emotions of someones mind when they're unwell; touching the vulnerability and fear someone experiences when they’ve been pushed to the edge and feel like they’ve lost control of both their body and mind. Musically the track has some huge catchy riffs, an addictive melodic chorus and a incredible heavy breakdown to get your teeth sunk into!

Sam Barson – Vocals
AJ Boulton – Vocals
Kam Rahmoun – Guitar
Scott Taylor – Bass
Skit Brown – Drums



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