Having been hugely  into rock/ metal since sneaking into his brothers room at a young age and having his mind blown by the likes of Megadeth and Wasp.  His tastes began to grow over time and whilst being very open minded, he became a big lover of extreme music and  live music became a big part of his life… you can refer to the cardboard box he owns which contains all the tickets from shows he’s been to over the years if you don’t believe it.  He’s performed in many bands himself so is quite accustomed to both sides of the stage. Most notably, he was the vocalist in extreme metal band Theoktony,  with an album “I” released on FETO records. Soon after this he took to working on promoting live shows under the name ‘burned alive promotions’  and gained his own night at a well known, popular rock pub which ran successfully for a good while and bands from all over the UK (and even some from Europe) were crying out to play. Now keen to get his teeth into a new venture,  embracing his love of music  and coupling it with his writing abilities gained during his time studying performing arts seems like a logical step!